The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook
How to evaluate news stories for ongoing situations. From On The Media.

Types of Media Bias
Identifies the most common types of media bias. Excellent resource from Student News Daily.

Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs
Differences in positions on several different topics from Student News Daily.

Liberal vs. Conservative Values
More comparisons between Liberals and Conservative views on common topics from News-Basics. Note: Although this is an excellent resource, the site is no longer being updated.

Lesson Plans in Media Studies
From LessonCorner. Lesson plans about the role of media, media bias, and other topics.

Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum
From the Pew Research Journalism Projectere.

Classroom Resources


From Around the Internet

The Crackpot Index for Media Outlets. From
A simple method for rating media content

Ideas For Using NewsPrism In The Classroom. From
Help students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be wise consumers of media and information.

Political Terms Used In Media. From 
The origins of Left, Right, Progressive, Conservative, and how those terms are used today. From

Breaking Through the Bubble of Funneled News. From
The more you click, the less you are told. The problem of targeted media.

Our Chiral Political Media. From 
We can't agree because we're using two different sets of "facts".