First, a confession: When I was in college - in the dark days before the Internet - I was the guy in the cafeteria who had a stack of newspapers along with his lunch. Sometimes I took newspapers that other people left behind. Yeah, I was that guy.

NewsPrism is just that - a stack of newspapers waiting for you to read without having to wait for some other guy to leave his newspaper on his table so you can steal it. Actually, NewsPrism is a very big stack of newspapers, magazines, and other media sources. This is the site for people who appreciate different perspectives, different opinions, and the ability to decide for themselves what they want to read. By letting you decide what to read, NewsPrism breaks the bubble of funneled news. It is the Internet's homepage for news and opinion. is based on three fundamental beliefs:

º If I am going to discuss an issue, then I need to know how the other person thinks

º If I value intellectual honesty, then I need to be challenged by ideas that are different from my own.

º If I want the truth, then I have to look for it, wherever it might be.

To help this pursuit of truth, divides websites along a continuum of Left to Right, from Progressive to Conservative. The most popular news sites are included in the NewsPrism "V" at the top of the Home Page. Others are listed in categories as you scroll down the page. In all, there are almost 450 websites included in the list. is the answer to targeted news feeds that create the false sense that everyone thinks like you. Today's targeted media environment, where search results are determined by your past online behavior, has done all it can to insulate us from anything that might challenge us in any way. It has become extremely difficult to find sources of information with a perspective different from your own. Rather than challenging us to think, these targeted news feeds simply reinforce whatever bias is already there. Consequently, information that at one time brought us together now only pushes us further apart. breaks this information funnel by providing links to sources from all points along the political spectrum. We have identified the sites that tend to lean to the Left and those that tend to lean to the Right. We've left it up to you to decide which websites are credible, which are dubious at best, and which - while entertaining - are outright crazy.

Inclusion on is not an endorsement of the particular website's credibility, philosophy, or political perspective. That is the entire point of the list - to show the diversity of thought that exists in American media, including ideologies that many might find ridiculous or offensive.

About Bob Seay

Bob's writing has been published on several websites, including Huffington Post, ADDitude Magazine,, and other webpages across the Internet. His Facebook post, I Am Not Trayvon Martin generated a global response and was named as one of the Top 10 commentaries on the George Zimmerman 'not guilty' verdict by the UK Guardian.


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